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Utility-scale solar and wind power is the best source of cheap, large-scale renewable energy. Wind-Power is projected to generate $167B in environmental benefits alone by 2030. Substations are needed to safely collect and distribute the generated power produced from the wind turbines to the power grid. They're also used to manage and regulate the power that is connected and delivered to the grid.

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We strive to reach our goals of passion, perseverance, and an act of betterment for all mankind.

Crosswinds Energy proposed expansive 3,300+ acres are powered by our turbine wind farm. Centrally located between major western cities, it powers not only our facilities but reaches out to our neighboring communities in the region by supplying power to the grid, making it a first-of-its-kind eCommunity. It's in our DNA to promote the future of renewable energy. While we continue to develop new technologies, we're constantly reinventing our future through innovation. As society becomes increasingly aware of the need for new energy solutions our eCommunities are leading the way with the integration of new technologies in renewable energy, energy storage and energy conservation like no other company in the world.


FOBS™ is a turn-key provider of steel-framed modular and container relocatable buildings and storage solutions that are designed to deliver a new rich renewable living environment. FOBS™ serves as agent and exclusive distributor for one of the world's leading modular manufacturers. This allows us to introduce innovative, functional and economical, fast operating building solutions available in the world today. FOBS are a modular building system with a series of (14) prefabricated, interchangeable, interlocking structurally-insulated wall panels creating unlimited building possibilities. FOBS can be adjoined to create an even larger footprint and can be easily stacked upon themselves. The units are broken down and shipped in a knockdown state, allowing for 4-8 units to fit inside a single sea freight container, resulting in an unparalleled logistical and freight advantage. FOBS™ is harnessing the power of the new global renewable energy through affordable living.

Fast Operating Building Structures for Eco-Friendly & Affordable Living

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SSL9 inc. FOBS img
SSL9 inc. FOBS img

A BETTER WAY WITH CARE - Clean Affordable Renewable Energy

Atmospheric Water Generator

The CARE Atmospheric Water Generators are capable of capturing an average of 144,000 gallons of pure water per day, even at the project location in the California desert. It works by drawing in large volumes of air, creating a vortex effect which brings the hot air down to the Dew Point. This causes the moisture in the air to condense. The condensed water is then filtered and mineralized for use. The byproduct of the CARE Atmospheric Water Generator is cold air, which is used for cooling all the buildings.

CARE has patented clean Eco-nomical safe conversion technology

Waste To Syngas Plasma Gasifier / Converter

The CARE Plasma Gasifier, or Converters can transform 96,000 tons of solid waste, such as used tires, industrial waste and general garbage per day. The internal temperature of the Plasma Converter reaches 35,000 degrees, which breaks down all substances to their elemental form, creating "Syngas" and other valuable commodities as a result. The Gasifiers are very unique as they don't incinerate or "burn" they transform the feed stock with ZERO toxic emissions. The gasification process produces Syngas, used to power out steam generators in a clean, efficient, Eco-friendly environment. Initially, one Gasifier will be built, with plans for two additional units as needed.


Voltn'Bolt - A Turbine Driven Renewable Power

Our self service charging station containers are run by our Voltn'Bolt APP which can be downloaded through iOS and Android platforms. The Voltn'Bolt's charging stations produce their own clean energy and do not rely on power grids, placed strategically cities and highways which allow you to take your EV anywhere without the fear of running out of power. Self contained vending machines provide hot & cold refreshments.

Voltn'Bolt charging station when you need it the most.


Introducing Our SPU (SMART POWER UNIT)

Our iOT division has an array of Smart Products starting with our flagship solar power SPU portable back-up generator's with pure sine wave power that insures all of your smart devices have power at all times, Wifi, device search recognition, and equipped with a long-lasting propitiatory battery that will NOT explode and continue to work and function during emergencies and or in off-the-grid uses, SP1100, SP2200, or SP3200 can be connected to power up all your smart devices.

Finally a personal Off-the-Grid, during Emergencies SMART POWER UNIT Generator

Introducing Our Smart iOT APP (Smart Device Connection)

This first of its kind, smart power app is an All-In-One Self-Service App that handles all of your smart appliance connections to the GPS - WiFi enabled Smart Power Units or SPU's. Your SPU gives you a piece-of-mind that your devices will continue to work in all emergencies and/or for all off-grid applications.

iOT - internet of things can now be your connections smart devices

Introducing Our SmartHome BackHub

Introducing a must have Smart Home Back-up Hub allowing you to connect your SPU to your home. The App driven smart panel supplies with back-up power when a power outage occurs. The panel is a fully programmable backup system allowing you to prioritize backup power to the most essential devices in your home.


Introducing Our Personal Solar Products

iOT Power Systems is an innovative leader in the solar energy solutions from portable to permanent renewable power generating products. Our range from off-grid 100kW power units to consumer smart devices. We strive to enlighten people with the latest solar technologies. Our mission is simple, "Get the average person into using renewable energy in their everyday lives". Inquire about our catalog of products.

The SmartHome BackHub is your direct connection to iOT's SPU's